TechTriad Web Design Portfolio

TechTriad designs websites for small and medium-sized businesses, nonprofits, civic groups and more! Since 1998, TechTriad sites have grown across the Web and for good reason - they last a long time, are built with room for growth and are constructed soundly. Talk to us about building or redesigning your website!

Business Websites

Site redesign, logo, social marketing and PR campaign

Site design, CMS, extensive navigation and sub-navigation.

Site design for start-up, logo redesign, CMS, rotating image

Logo, website redesign, CMS, SEO, copywriting

Site design, annual redesign, video, SEO, copywriting

Site design, CMS, Spanish HTML, PHP programming

Two site redesign, CMS, secure applications & multiple forms

Site design, CMS, extensive graphics work, copywriting

Civic and Community Organization Websites

Site design, logo, CMS, annual enhancements & PR campaign

Site design, CMS, complex navigation, complete self-editing

Site re-design, CMS, simplified portal to Arts Community

Site design, rotating colors, CMS, custom Google calendar work

Site design, news magazine back-end programming

CMS construction, WordPress news integration

Site design, CMS, blog, integration with 3rd party software

Logo, website redesign, CMS, SEO, video search

Nonprofit and School Websites

Site design, CMS, slideshow, 16K page views the first month

Site design, CMS, SEO, Social Media setup

Site design for start-up foundation, CMS, AJAX slideshows, SEO

Site design, CMS, social media, full grant application system

Site redesign, CMS, social media integration, complex navigation

Site design, CMS, ecommerce, significant graphics work

Site design, domain rescue, CMS, SEO, ecommerce

Site redesign, CMS, SEO, social media, video, custom CSS

WordPress Business and WordPress Websites

Site design, automated photo sizing from posts to homepage

Site design, integration with photo ecommerce

Design, custom programming, logo, business card design

This site is under construction; custom design and WP CMS