Up in the Air – Putting a new face on a website

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TechTriad enjoys working with the Winston-Salem Airshow and its Director, Steve.

Watching Steve put together the annual (and very successful) airshow is like a composite of a master plan, scurrying around, constant changes and new, more and updated events. Did I mention video?

In other words, the website can change daily and every update or edit is critical.

But there’s another aspect of the Winston-Salem Airshow site that could be challenging if we hadn’t pre-planned it: each year, the colors, ads, logos and banners change. Generally, a website keeps a color palette and a single stylesheet that controls the text color, link colors, and well, all the site’s colors. The Airshow changes annually – and this year is their 100th Anniversary which brought us a totally new set of colors (gold and blue as opposed to last year’s orange and gray).

This could have been a disaster for a standard site, but TechTriad was able to re-face the site and every site page by changing ONLY the stylesheets and graphics in areas tWinston-Salem Airshow 2010hat were designed to change. As the Airshow gets closer, the homepage, pictured above, will grow with more details and photos and video as more participants’ commitments are received.

But the design? We knew the annual changes were coming and the site works to re-face each year. Heck, the menu is easy to update and add (or delete) sections and every part of the site, including the photo galleries, are fairly straightforward to update. Check out last year’s site – different colors, main graphics and content.